Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Introductions.. First things first. "Welcome to The Circus"

Welcome to the circus of our family!  Why compare our family to a circus you ask?  Because that is EXACTLY what it is like... Well, except  we have 6 rings instead of 3.  Well, technically 7 if you want to count the family cat. Yes... There are six of us, going in different directions at all times. Utter chaos and confusion, yup that's us!  Where no day is like the previous nor will it be like the next.  Sometimes I feel like I am going to go insane but it all boils down to the fact that if it wasn't this way... it would just be downright monotonous and boring, right? 

In the first "ring"  you have "Prince Charming" my husband and love of my life.  This man secretly thinks I am a princess and I am not going to tell him otherwise.  He works hard, working long odd shifts to provide for our family which enables me to stay at home with the children.  There isn't a thing that he wouldn't do for me or our family and I love him so much more because of this.  In the second "ring"  you have "The Teenager", my dramatic, often moody son who just so happened to turn the dreaded 13.  (13 going on 30 is more like it).  In the 3rd "ring" you will find a lovely, yet mouthy ,totally disorganized 9 year old daughter whom I will appropriately refer to as "The Artist." This kid loves to read and draw. Our  place  is covered with pictures and drawings, elaborate stories and my house and her room a product of this hobby.  Paper, Scissors, markers, colored pencils, EVERYWHERE!  Which leads me to the entertainer in the fourth "ring" who always just happens to get into all of this contraband, our little two year old whom I will call "The whirlwind".  This little creature can turn a totally organized,clean, beautiful room into what looks like a natural disaster in 2 seconds flat. She is uncontainable and NON-STOP. Her specialties include trying to strangle or dismember our family cat "Mozart", or annoying or maiming the occupant of the last "ring", our handsome, precious 6 month bundle of joy "Screamy" so aptly named due to his love of screaming until he gets what he wants which is usually to be held. ALL THE TIME.  His smile ,however, can brighten anyones day.. except when he wants to smile at you at 3, 5, and 6 in the morning *wink*.  He is very vocal and undoubtedly will never have any patience. I am convinced of that.  When you feed this little creature he will scream in between every bite wanting more, I mean.. I am NOT an octopus. 

Then there is me "The RingMaster"  obviously because I am the one in charge of running this circus, lord help us.  I made the monumental decision to become a Full Time Stay-At-Home-Mom recently after the birth of my 4th (and last) 9 lb 6 oz bouncing baby boy.  I abandoned my 13 year job in the medical field without blinking an eye... Well, I have to admit as I sent my resignation email to my boss a week prior to my maternity leave ending I did panic and cringe a bit as I hit the send button.  I mean...being the major breadwinner and losing a great salary to stay at home with your children is a HUGE deal and..well, scary!  Once my finger hit the send button however I felt the most liberating feeling in my life.  I was finally doing something good for my family, foreign, but good, right?  Everything would be perfect, no more stress of balancing work, home, and children.  I got this!  This will be a snap.  Boy did I not know what I was in for!  I thought to myself as I would tell friends and family of this decision that I bet they are thinking "Yeah right, how long will this last", or "Have fun with that".  A great deal of people second guessed my intentions and thought negatively about me uprooting our family.  For instance my son came home from my ex-husband's house stating that I was having a "Midlife Crisis"  because I was choosing to stay at home. Like I would be sitting at home watching "All My Children"  eating bon-bon's all day. Sheesh. But I had to laugh.  This was coming from a man that bought a motorcycle as his "divorce" present to himself. HA!  So yes. We found tenants for our mortgaged house and downsized.    And then the fun began.  (But more on this later in future posts).

So.. That's it!  That's all of  us.  I am new to this Stay-At-Home Mom-dom and am trying to get the hang of this new job of mine.  I am researching, learning, and trying to be the best mom, and home manager that I can while trying to have fun and not lose my sanity in the process!  Please join me on this enlightening, hilarious, chaotic journey.  It will most surely keep you quite entertained. ;)


  1. Welcome to blogging. Kind of funny you may get more viewers than you might have expected for just starting a blog. This address was a former runner's blog and she had a big following. I guess many people still have it in thier reader.

  2. I thought this was Marci's blog too. I was like holy crap she's back! And has updated twice already.

    Welcome to blogging!

  3. LOL...I was thinking the same thing....Marcy is back.

    Welcome to blogging. Your household sounds a lot like mine. I think I will be keeping you on the reader : )

  4. Oh how funny! Well that explains why there was a sudden increase of views on the page! Thanks for commenting guys and thank you for the welcome!