Saturday, October 16, 2010

Random Recommendations. Top 3 Newborn/Infant MUST HAVES!

Ok.. because I am a total goofball and didn't realize that yesterday was Friday, the "Typical Day in the life of the Circus Family"  will have to be postponed until next week.  However I decided to compose a "random post" about a couple of infant products that I could not have lived without.  This is for any new parents, "parents to be", "grandparents to be", or anyone looking to purchase a great must have gift for a baby shower or Christmas present, etc.  You will see some banner ads on my page for these sites where you can browse and read about these items if you choose to do so!  You learn through trial and error as a mom, or at least I do and if there is one thing I am experienced at it is possessing the knowledge of some great newborn/infant products that have worked for me and that I could never have lived without.

The Miracle Blanket:  My third daughter was extremely colicky.  I suppose that I was lucky that the first two weren't!  She screamed constantly!  The poor thing was so pitiful.  We tried everything with her.  She was even on the "high-test, premium, break the budget" type of hypoallergenic formula and still suffered horribly.  In desperation one night as she had screamed most of the evening I was doing some research online for soothing products for colicky infants and low and behold I came across the website for the magic (I call it magic) aptly named "Miracle Blanket".  We had tried everything for our poor little girl and the testimonials were amazing.  I was not convinced but decided at any rate it definitely couldn't hurt to give it a try.  I would have tried anything at that point. It was a little pricey or more than I would have liked to spend on my "non-paid" FMLA budget but that was how desperate I was. They do explain why it is a little expensive on their website and I will have to admit it did make sense.   I made my purchase and waited with great anticipation for that "Miracle" package to make it's way to my house, and then finally it arrived!  The first night it was a little difficult to get used to and I felt like I was wrapping her up in what looked like a baby straight jacket!  She even seemed to protest a bit, they did say on the web-site that it takes some getting used to.  After the initial protest period I couldn't believe the difference in my little colicky baby girl!  She became the most content little creature and absolutely LOVED the Miracle Blanket.  I called it our "Miracle" and she stayed in her miracle blanket for almost 9 whole months to nap and sleep at night.  We finally got a great night's sleep and so did she.  The night time crying ceased and within a matter of days we no longer had a colicky infant!  I will say that the Miracle Blanket works well for smaller infants or infants that arent' too terribly strong as my next child was Houdini and could escape with ease.  If you are having a baby this product is WELL worth every penny and I would highly recommend it. In fact I would consider it a "MUST HAVE".

"The Woombie":  Since as previously mentioned my latest addition was born big and was unusually strong he easily escaped the Miracle blanket and would startle himself. (This is however highly unusual as my daughter at nine months still couldn't get out of it.)  He WOULD NOT SLEEP!  In desperation I mentioned this to a friend and my disappointment that I couldn't put my prized Miracle Blanket to use.  She recommended that I try a different product.  One that was "escape proof", "The Woombie".  It is a little peanut shaped cocoon swadder that rapidly became my son's best friend.  Mind you it was pink and "Prince Charming"  had some huge issues with his little man being in a pink swaddle EVERY night, but hey.. after he saw the difference it made and was actually getting sleep at night he was a believer too and could have cared less about the fact that it was pink. (They do have all sorts of colors, however I received this from a friend and since it worked I decided to just continue using it, pink or not).  The great thing about "The Woombie"  is that they can move about a bit within the little "cocoon"  and if they like to put their little hands up on their chest, or at their sides, etc. they can do so with out experiencing the startle reflex.  They also have a broad variety of convertible options that include feet so that you can use a stationary soother such as the Graco Sweet Peace, swing, bouncy or any soothing device.  They also have some that have snap out spaces for arms to transition baby once the time comes to start getting used sleeping with their arms free.  This product is amazing and I love it as much as my "Miracle Blanket". 

"The Sleepy Wrap":  In desperation of course with my colicky daughter I was once again researching baby carriers, slings, and wraps.  I happened across a sweet local lady with an online website.  I explained my troubles to her and the fact that I couldn't get anything done with a colicky infant, I mean.. NOTHING if I wasn't holding her.  She recommended The Sleepy Wrap, but invited me over for a "try on" sample session to try various carriers, wraps, and slings to see what worked for me and my daughter specifically.  After trying on several I decided on "The Sleepy Wrap".  Now.. let me tell you when you see this thing for the first time it is completely overwhelming.  It is a LONG piece of somewhat stretchy fabric, that's it.  You are thinking "What is this?"  a long piece of fabric?  I mean.. really.. How is this going to work?  Once she showed me how to put it on (Which takes some people a couple of times, but it quickly becomes second nature) and we slipped my newborn down into it I was in LOVE and so was she!  It is a completely hands free baby wrap!  I could do dishes, laundry, go for a walk, all with my precious cargo snugly attached to me in the softest, most cozy fabric ever.  I even used this to run a fall festival booth at my older daughter's school.  It is also perfect when you have toddlers or other children, especially when you are shopping.  You can put the wrap on before you leave the house and when you get to the store you simply take your older child and put them in the cart, take your infant out of their car seat and slide them into the Sleepy wrap.  Believe me they will love this and so will you.  It is also awesome for you breast-feeding moms as well for obvious reasons.  I could not have lived without this product.  Before you purchase any baby-wearing item, carrier, wrap, sling etc. make sure to carefully read up on each and read the testimonials.  Not all are ergonomic and not all are hands-free and that's what you want.  If it isn't hand's free then what is the point, right?  The Sleepy Wrap comes in a vast array of colors, is made of a stretchy cotton mix, comes with a cute carrier bag, and is as simple to clean as throwing in with the rest of your laundry.

Those are my three "Magical Must-Have" items that I would highly recommend you researching and purchasing if you think that it would fit your needs!

Disclaimer:  I have not been asked to or paid specifically by any of these companies to advertise these products.  I do get a small % of purchase if someone purchases from a link to one of these products from my page, but I would have blogged this anyway because I so highly believe in these products and how much easier they made my life.  Because that's what we mom's do, if something works for us we want to shout it from the rooftops!  Ya'll have a great weekend and if anyone has any of these products or purchases any I would love to hear your testimonials!  I am off to run the local elementary school's fall festival, woo hoo.  (I don't know why I continue to do this to myself).

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