Sunday, August 19, 2012


Wow... I cannot believe it has been over a year since my last post.  This Mommy of 4 has been one busy lady!  Since my last post not much has changed with the kiddos except "Screamy" can still go through episodes of "screamy-ness" except much louder and "The Whirlwind" started Pre-K!  Fist pump.   "The Teenager" is definitely STILL a teenager, ughh, and "The Artist" is less of an "artist" now-a-days and more of a social butterfly.  "Prince Charming" has lost a little luster and gotten comfortable with my "homemaker" arrangement but will help when asked which amounts to something.... then there is me.  A LOT has happened with my health since I last posted.  That same year I began suffering from intense fatigue, depression, and achy pains.  Turns out I have.... dun dun dunnnnn... Fibromyalgia.  I didn't believe it at first, and actually tried to deny it.  I tried all the recommended FM meds and nothing helped.  Luckily after a year and a half of suffering I found my saviour..  "Doctor Wonderful".  He has really turned my life around and made me realize that I can manage this and do just fine.  On another note... I now have TWO work from home jobs.. Yes 2 in addition to all of my "homemaker" duties I am now a "Work At Home" mom.  The first job is seasonal and comes and goes throughout the year as sub-contractor for a healthcare consulting firm.  The second is handling overflow and transcription for a local doctor's office.  They come to install my computer and equipment next week and I am beyond ecstatic.  Now that "The Whirlwind" is in school all day things have gotten a little more quiet around here and I have a tad bit more time on my hands so this job is a welcome opportunity and I am super psyched.  More to come soon I promise ;)

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